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The Dandelion Publishing



From the time I was a little girl, I have loved books!

Almost every Saturday, I would ride my green and yellow “Sweet Pea” bike to the public library and check out as many books as my little bike basket could hold.

Back then, my favorites were Nancy Drew and biographies, especially stories of strong, courageous people like Clara Barton. Even after all these years, her story has remained as one of the most impactful.

One year for Christmas, I asked my parents for a typewriter and tape recorder. I was sure that I would write a great story that would change our family’s trajectory forever. My parents worked so hard, and yet, rarely seemed to fully see the fruits of their labor. How great would it be for me to come up with something that would let them breathe easier. By the way, I’m certain the reason I thought I needed the tape recorder was because of an episode of The Brady Bunch!  

My love of books may have come from my mother, who was also an avid reader. I remember when I was old enough to drive, taking her to the used book store where we would spend an eternity walking around the stacks of musty, old paperbacks and hardbacks as they waited for someone to choose them.

At some point, my goals expanded from just wanting to write books, but also to publish books and literature. Part of this inspiration may have come from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She was such an icon and I’m sure that when I learned that she had started working in publishing, it made an impact on me.

For several decades, I’ve wanted to start a publishing company. Time or financial resources seemed to always run short. Finally, I’ve realized it’s much like having a baby! If you wait until you’re completely ready, you’ll never do it, and the time has never seemed more right than now.


The inspiration for the name Dandelion Publishing comes from an “aha” moment I had at a seminar years ago. “Life is how you frame it.”

When some people see dandelions, they only see weeds. They don’t see the infinite wishes just waiting to be made.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were with my cousin Beth as we made countless wishes about our lives when we grew up. Back then, long before Tom Hanks’ film, we called it getting “big” and we were so certain that everything would be a happily ever after.

A few years ago, all the wishes and prayers we could muster were not enough to save Beth. Her mother, my Aunt Anna Lou, a few other relatives and I were by her side holding her hands as she was welcomed into heaven.

Beth left behind two daughters who are just as beautiful, smart and wonderful as she was. Her memory will live on through them, and through all of us who were blessed enough to know her.

I dedicate this company to the memory of Laura Beth Lambert Cintron, my fellow lover of books and maker of wishes.

  Wendy Robbins
Founder, Dandelion Publishing

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